Integrated Marketing
Public Relations

“Publicity can be terrible. But only if you don't have any.
Jane Russell, contemporary American film actress


It is critically important to integrate your Public Relations efforts with your entire Marketing Communications Strategy. Media relations or press relations, crisis management, industry relations, community relations, investor relations, employee relations: all these are aspects of Public Relations and a vital adjunct to your Marketing effort. Let AcuteVisibility|BMO assist you with any part of this, or retain us to run your entire PR initiative. Either way, we’ll help you maximize your exposure and present a strong message across all media.

Press Releases

AVbmo can be contracted to write a single press release, or help you develop a strategic, 24-month PR Calendar. We can push your releases to the press, or just post them with PRWeb to guarantee permanent online archival and access to your news.


Media Relations

Media Relations or Press Relations can be an all-consuming task, depending on how active and influential the press is within your given industry. In some cases, you can just email a press release to an editor and be assured that your news will hit the print. In other cases, you will need to cultivate a personal relationship with the press, develop a pitch or a spin to garner interest in your news, and possibly even embargo your announcement to create a well-orchestrated splash for your story.


Crisis Management

No matter how well you plan, how thoroughly you prepare, or how much you think you have everything under control, things happen. They happen to good people with the best of intentions. And as our old friend Murphy knows, they often seem to happen at the worst possible moment. AVbmo will not only help you develop a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan, but we’ll also be there for you to implement it if you need us. Because at the end of the day, how you respond to what happens will have more impact on the outcome than you can possibly imagine. By responding intelligently, compassionately, and responsibly, you will build more goodwill and brand loyalty than you can buy with ten times the spend in straight marketing communications.


Industry Relations

Are you participating in all available opportunities to build goodwill and visibility in your industry? Have you thoroughly evaluated and exploited vertical markets where you could establish your product as the de facto industry choice? Sponsorships, affiliate memberships, associations; all of these offer vehicles for broadening your reach and reinforcing your message.


Community Relations

Community Relations, or more broadly dubbed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR,) is a phenomenal way to both build your brand while simultaneously giving back. AVbmo will help you define your objectives and implement your CSR efforts for maximum impact.


Investor and Partner Relations

Are you communicating regularly, effectively and positively with your investors and partners? This is an often overlooked aspect of communications. AVbmo can produce all your investor and partner communications materials, from quarterly updates to weekly newsletters.


Employee Relations

Don’t underestimate the power of maintaining a healthy dialog with your employee base. These people are inherently “invested” in the success of the business or product. They are an army of evangelists and ambassadors just waiting to be given the tools to spread the word. Treat them well, educate and reward them, and take full advantage of their predisposition to increase your marketing reach.

AcuteVisibility|BMO has extensive experience developing and maintaining Employee Communications Programs, including Perpetual Training, Employee Awards and Recognition, and Continuous Improvement Programs. We’ll consult with you to create a program that is customized for your work force and guaranteed to improve your bottom line.